Training – University of Copenhagen


Title Objective Duration

Kick-off MiRA seminar and training workshop:
Introduction to scientific research and microbial methods

  • Train ESRs in scientific and planning skills
  • Frame and define role of each ESR, 3) discuss joint supervision and collaboration between academic and industrial MiRA participants
  • Exposure of ESRs to the intensive agriculture sector
  • Expected Outcomes: ESRs (1) present first draft of PCDPs including Data Management Plan ; (2) acquire basic skills for hypotheses driven applied research; (3) acquire knowledge on needs and constraints in current crop production systems
5 days, Germany

Title Objective Duration

Annual meeting and Training event:
Novel approaches to plant-microbe interactions

  • Continued scientific and career skills training
  • Overview of techniques and procedures in MiR research 
  • Expected Outcomes: (1) Refine PCDPs, (2) ESRs expand basic skills and gain specialised skills for hypotheses-driven research

6 days, 



Title Objective Duration

Annual meeting and Training event:
Plant-Insect Interactions

Skills in 
  • Publishing or releasing open data
  • Promoting data use in non-academia
  • Plant-insect interactions
  • Expected Outcomes: (1) ESRs self-evaluate PCDP progress, (2) expand training in crop-pest interactions

6 days, Scotland, 


Title Objective Duration

Annual meeting and Training event:
Translating research to industry

Guidance on

  • Transition from an ESR into applied research in industry or academia
  • Publishing scientific and public audiences
  • Expected outcomes: (1) publication plan of PCDP; and (2) expand training/specialized knowledge of academic/industrial interactions

5 days, 



Title Objective Duration
Wrap up seminar
  • Present final outcomes of projects
  • Collate information for final report
  • Status and final plans for publishing and product development
  • Expected outcomes: (1) ESRs will present outcomes of project; (2) ESRs and Beneficiaries will provide information for final MiRA reports

3 days, Denmark, 

0.6 ECTS